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PCB Test Jigs & Fixtures Customizing Services

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PCB test Jigs and fixtures

What is PCB Test Jigs & Fixture?

PCB Testing Jig & Customized Fixture offers manufacturers repeat-ability, accuracy and interchangeability to test or program their finished circuit products or PCBs.

A test jig facilitates the probe of defined test points to help determine the expected inputs and outputs of the PCB.

A test fixture, on the other hand, secures the PCB in a firm grip for the execution of the probe. They’re customized in accordance with the board’s application.

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Benefits of PCB Test Jigs & Fixtures

Frequently asked questions

Depends on the PCB complexity and customer requests, the producer will estimate the complexity and quote,

The PCB Gerber files; the pads or testing points you want to connect with Pogo pins; and for some complex projects, a real PCB needed.  We also need to know  your test plate size and the number of test points. You also need to provide information of DXF or CAD format of the PCB data, please mark the location of the test points in different colors, express with an element of PCBA to us, so that make to test frame will be more accurate

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