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Embedded Proximity : RFID, NFC, Sensors, Beacon

Proximity Solutions such as inventory management systems, employee attendance, indoor positioning system and etc, we are here to help you to make the most of RFID, NFC, Beacon, laser and infrared technologies to develop a smart application to improve your business.

Typical Application

Warehouse Management System

RFID based Warehouse Management System helps to improve the efficiency of warehouse management by keeping track of receiving and delivery. By attaching RFID tags which consist of a microchip and a radio antenna onto the products, we can connect your products directly to the Internet for tracking purposes making it an almost real-time business tool that helps you better manage your supply chains, picking, checking, delivery and other operation flows.

  • Visibility of your assets improved with accurate real-time information
  • Fast locating of products
  • Plan your product locations strategically
  • Orderly business environments
  • Reduced labour cost for tracking and warehouse management

Wireless Indoor Positioning System

Our hardware design and embedded development services give us an upper hand to integrate hardware solutions with proximity technologies such as Bluetooth Smart Technology(BLE) and Wi-Fi technology to deliver smart indoor navigation solutions or real-time locating systems (RTLs). Combined with our software strength, delivering the app of your dreams is within reach.

Proximity Based Access System

Proximity-based access systems are widely used in the market whether it is RFID, NFC, fingerprint or biometric door access system, guard patrol system and etc. Embedding these proximity solutions into your business not only will contribute to improved security of your premises, but we can also help you to integrate these solutions with your existing business management software to elevate and optimize your business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, we need to know what is the problem you are trying to solve and any specific requirement you have. Then we will draft out a sample quote on the embedded prototype you want to build. Once agreed on the costing, we will define the projects scopes, proposal and gantt chart. The payment will be based on progress claim basis.

The charge depends on the complexity and the size of the project; however, the cost will be negotiated and we always try to meet the customer’s needs.

We provide weekly updates for every deliverable and development phase. We will assign a project manager for every client’s project. We will establish a social chat group to get in touch with you too.

You will need to complete a design change request form and send to our project managing team. You will need to sign the design change document to acknowledge the changes. You will receive an updated proposal.

Design quality and reliability are our highest priorities; we are fully committed to working with the ISO9001 standards, and we constantly improve our service quality and customer satisfaction.

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