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Flexible Collaborative Robot Arm

We provide seamless integration of collaborative robotic arms – universal robots into a wide range of applications. We are able to customise the ideal robotic solution for you with our end-effector, software and accessories.

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Get to know our flagship Cobots – UR5e

The UR5e is a lightweight, adaptable collaborative industrial robot that tackles medium-duty applications with ultimate flexibility.  Equipped with intuitive programming, versatile use and a nearly endless list of opportunities for add-ons, the UR5e is able to complement production regardless of your industry, company size or product nature. The UR5e strikes the perfect balance between size and power.

  • Lightweight
  • Diverse Application Coverage
  • Rapid and Flexible Deployment

UR5e Features

“The UR5e does in 4 hours what it would take manual labour 2-3 days to accomplish. This progress has made it possible for us to compete with overseas manufacturers and bring back manufacturing jobs to the country”


Application Areas of Collaborative Robots

A Collaborative Robotic Arm from Universal robots can reduce assembly times, increase production speed and improve quality through repeatable and accurate assembly processes such as screw driving, nut driving, part fitting and insertion, while reducing workplace injuries incidents.

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A collaborative robot can add flexibility, efficiency, and freedom to your gluing, sealing, painting, and other dispensing tasks. The e-Series robots offer built-in force/torque sensing for consistent flow and precise placement to reduce waste and scrap.

A collaborative robot can be used to tend machines such as CNC, injection molding, press brakes, stamping presses and more to free employees for more valuable tasks. Improve speed and process quality while reducing the risk of injury associated with working in close proximity to heavy machinery. 

Ensure consistent polishing and buffing using a Universal Robot with built-in force mode – even on curved and uneven surfaces.

Polishing, buffing, and even sanding tasks require a specific, often delicate touch. A Universal Robot with force control offers a flexible solution that will automatically adjust position to achieve the desired force. 

Streamline your material handling, packaging and palletizing, bin picking, labeling and kitting operations with collaborative robots. Relieve workers from repetitive work and heavy lifting by automating material handling tasks with lightweight collaborative robot arms. Automation helps you combat the rising costs of new product packaging and shortened product life cycles, and makes it easy to keep up with seasonal peaks despite labor shortages.

Cobots with innovative grippers, computer vision and machine-learning systems can pick up a wide range of objects even in unstructured environments such as a bins or totes. Easily integrated SKU scanning and the ability to pick up pouches or products of nearly any size or shape make e-commerce, fulfillment, warehousing, logistics and supply chain operations simpler, faster, and more efficient.

A robot arm with a UR+ certified vision camera offers easy plug-and-play integration for non-destructive testing and 3D measurements, further guaranteeing the quality of your products. It can objectively identify and pinpoint defective or faulty parts before they are packed or shipped.

A collaborative robot can add flexibility, efficiency, and freedom to your grinding, deburring, milling, routing, drilling, and other material removal tasks. The e-Series robots offer built-in force/torque sensing for consistent and precise placement of the tool to reduce waste and scrap and optimize your process.

A collaborative robot can add flexibility, efficiency, and freedom to your welding processes. Move the robot to the areas where you need application support. When the task is finished, you can re-purpose and re-deploy the robot to other areas in your production. Collaborative robots can handle Arc, TIG, laser, MIG, ultrasonic, plasma, and spot welding, as well as soldering and brazing. Cobots give you versatility and flexibility for multiple tasks and add to your production line’s operating efficiency, enabling your business to capture more work.

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