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Embedded Connectivity

Veecotech develops a connectivity solution that can connect between wearable devices and IoT systems using either Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, IoT WANS, WPAN & Cellular Solutions.

Typical Applications

Bluetooth Development App

We offer development services using Bluetooth applications, especially the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The BLE technology is smart and low power, thus suitable for various applications such as healthcare wearables, indoor navigation devices, beacons, retail systems, and many more. Due to its highly secured direct connectivity between wearables and personal devices, we can always ensure that our client’s privacy is protected whenever our wearables are transmitting data like heart rate, temperature or body movements to smartphones.

Wireless Personal Area Network

When solution can securely transmit data via Bluetooth or over Wi-Fi, WANs, LPWAN or cellular networks.

Smart Home/Enterprise/Industry System

At VeecoTech, we embrace hardware and software integration such as sensor systems, motion detectors, computer vision, communication protocols, software and cloud platforms to design advanced smart home, smart enterprise and smart industry solutions. VeecoTech will find the best-suited connectivity option and craft a stable and scalable system architecture that can connect your following components in a distributed environment.

  • home appliances
  • remote lighting
  • energy consumption control
  • ACMV or HVAC
  • home security and cctv
  • industrial control and monitoring activities

Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, we need to know what is the problem you are trying to solve and any specific requirement you have. Then we will draft out a sample quote on the embedded prototype you want to build. Once agreed on the costing, we will define the projects scopes, proposal and gantt chart. The payment will be based on progress claim basis.

The charge depends on the complexity and the size of the project; however, the cost will be negotiated and we always try to meet the customer’s needs.

We provide weekly updates for every deliverable and development phase. We will assign a project manager for every client’s project. We will establish a social chat group to get in touch with you too.

You will need to complete a design change request form and send to our project managing team. You will need to sign the design change document to acknowledge the changes. You will receive an updated proposal.

Design quality and reliability are our highest priorities; we are fully committed to working with the ISO9001 standards, and we constantly improve our service quality and customer satisfaction.

Embedded connectivity has seen a large growth in the automotive industry. Statista also reports that by 2030 it is expected that 80% of all new light vehicles will have embedded technology implemented into their systems.

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